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Advanced training

Fortbildungen mit der GOR GmbH
Fortbildungsmöglichkeiten mit der GOR GmbH

The participants receive further training to expand their specialist knowledge. Many courses are designed for professional development.

Further training is a course in which a limited group deals intensively, often practically, with a topic. Courses are limited in time.

Our training courses

Training as a specialist for occupational safety

Training level I 

imparts the basic technical content, methodical and social knowledge and skills.

Training level II 

deepens these skills specifically by working on comprehensive case studies.

Training level III

expands these competencies with industry-specific aspects of the BG RCI.

Specialist knowledge of waste officer/ head of Efb/ responsible persons according to AbfAEV training course

Training for people who manage waste disposal companies or are responsible for the legally compliant process

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