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Ihre Kontaktmöglichkeiten an die GOR GmbH

We are looking forward to your message

Die GOR GmbH freut sich über Ihre Nachrichten


We are happy to hear from you!

Your engineering office for occupational safety and operational environmental protection


Contact information

Hauptstrasse 58

67297 Marnheim

Headquarters Marnheim

Phone: 06352 / 75000

Fax: (06352) 75 00 50

Training center Erbes-Büdesheim

Phone: 06731 / 4716133

Thank you for your message!
Ihre Parkmöglichkeiten in unserem Schulungszentrum


Green parking spaces are GOR GmbH parking spaces. 

*Green spaces marked with a star are restricted spaces. Please be careful not to park at the entrance (stairs) from the house. GOR GmbH is not liable for any damage, illegal parking or similar. 


Parking spaces marked in red do not belong to GOR GmbH. Please do not park your vehicle there! Thank you. 

Your parking options for our training center

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