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Seminars at Gor

GOR GmbH also conducts seminars for you!

Seminarraum der GOR GmbH
Weiterbildung mit der GOR GmbH

Innovations in the field of modern technologies, new procedures and legal regulations, the change in the service sector and changes in the field of social services as well as new management systems require constant training and qualification. In the area of business and professional practice, on the one hand the acquisition and deepening of knowledge from these areas is important, on the other hand the transfer of knowledge is the focus of interest.

Our seminars not only offer you and your employees further training opportunities on the topics and fields relevant to you, but also include the option of dealing with the requirements of your field of activity in a practical manner and developing suggestions for implementation in your company.

We want to make you strong in an increasingly competitive environment and thus make a supportive, practical contribution to the ongoing optimization of your knowledge and skills.

We also conduct in-house training courses

For the individual design of seminars with us, but also at your site, write to us using our contact form.

Training and seminars for those responsible for occupational and operational environmental protection.


   What we offer:

  • Possibility of individual problem solving,

  • Small groups of up to 10 participants,

  • Seminars with representatives of the same company size,

  • Exchange experiences with like-minded people,

  • Seminar implementation by GOR employees who are already known to you and who know your company.

  • Pleasant atmosphere in the seminar room of GOR

  • Competence of the seminar leaders through many years of practical experience.

*Our terms and conditions for seminars apply

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